Fax from iPhone: Brings you the convenience of a fax machine on your iPhone/ iPad

Abid Ali
2 min readOct 21, 2019

Fax & Fax brings you the convenience of a fax machine on your iPhone/ iPad — making it the fastest and easiest to use IOS fax app. Have you ever wondered “can I fax from my phone for free”? The answer is YES! Our free fax machine app gives you the feeling of a real mobile fax machine. The first page is free and later you pay only per page — no confusing subscriptions, packages and expensive credits like on other fax apps. Knowing the needs of the modern business world, and the fact that everyone is in the hurry to get the job done, Fax & Fax’s simplified UI let you upload, edit and send fax in under a minute. No matter if you have the page or image ready or you want to take a photo and send it as fax, Fax & Fax makes it easy for you with state of the art faxing technology and advanced image processing.

If your Fax fails, the app gives back the pages. Most importantly you will know why it failed with a detailed Error Message (could it be “No Fax Tone Detected” or “Busy” signal etc.). This is the only fax app in the market that gives you transparent results.


· FREE trial fax page included with every download. Use it and Love it!

· Need to fax just 1 page? Don’t need to get stuck with purchasing many pages. You can buy as low as 1 page as you need!

· No more buying credits and calculating pages! Simply Buy pages and Fax pages!

· Get detail error message in case of a failed fax, so that you know what happened and act accordingly (app never charges pages for a failed fax)

· Support for 50+ countries!

· Support for almost all types of files (PDF, DOC, JPG, PNG & TIFF, HTML)!

· Upload a document or image from Photo Gallery/ iCloud/ Drop Box/ Google Drive and convert it into a Fax in one click!

· Transparent pricing: You know how many Pages you are buying! No More buying credits that you don’t know how many pages it will convert! Buy Pages and Fax Pages, as Simple as that!