Gypsyvapes: Which Vaporizer is Best for Me

Abid Ali
2 min readOct 30, 2019

Vaporizers, although not new are starting to gain more traction than ever. With the amount of people trying to be healthy mixed with the more open use of cannabis, vapes are gaining more traction than ever. Nowadays it seems like every other person is blowing a vapor cloud. They were created in the mid 2000’s but the technology was really outdated. It didn’t start becoming a big hit until around 2011 and has taken off since then. Since the first device, technology has advanced, the kind of materials you can use have changed and the designs are much different

What are vaporizers?

Vaporizers are electronical devices that are used to vaporize herbs or concentrates, be used as a smoking cessation product for tobacco or as a portable hookah. Vaporizing is when you heat up the material just enough to reach below the point of combustion. In other words, you heat the surface just enough to release the active ingredients without burning the substance. This not only makes sure you are not inhaling extra harmful toxins but it encourages the raw flavor and taste of the herbs. Since so many materials can vary including different herbs, they all have a different temperature at which they vaporize at. Technological advancements have made sure that you can change the temperature at which the chamber heats up too.


Discreet — One of the most asked questions we get is “Will the vape pen smell?” While it may smell a bit, it is nothing compared to smoking. The smell is much less than most people would notice. On top of that, it looks like a pen most of the time so whether it’s in your hand or on your desk, it won’t be noticed most of the time.

Save Money — Buying a vape is the only big upfront cost. Instead of continuously buying lighters, joint wraps, rollers and all that, you just buy it one time and enjoy it. On top of that, vaporizers save more herbs because you are using less. The same herb while smoking from a pipe will last you 3 times longer with a vapor pen.

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