You need Fire to Become a Professional Speaker

Abid Ali
1 min readNov 18, 2019

Do you want to learn how to be on fire as a speaker and become a professional speaker? I like to Burn candles. You’ll be amazed at what candles can do! Candles create such atmosphere and beauty instantly. These little flickering flames can change my mood.We have a picnic table on our back patio where, on many evenings, Tanya and I relax, play cards, and listen to Pavarotti. We watch the radiant California sun setting in the distance. And you can bet on it — the candles are burning! I travel a lot, as you may have guessed. Even on the road, some candles and nice music can turn even the most drab hotel room into a glowing retreat center.

You can gaze at a candle and see it as a metaphor for your own “life torch.” A candle is luminous only when it’s burning…and so are you. When you become a professional speaker you have the royal opportunity to light a flame in a audience each time a speak. As a professional speaker I get to bring some truth and light up new thoughts and possibilities for the company when I stand to the microphone.

I’m humbled by this thought and everyone who’s thinking of becoming a professional speaker should consider it sacred. For me as a professional speaker the Adam Christing blog about 20 Great Quotes To Help You Deliver A Killer Speech helped me a lot.